The Diversified Difference

Some folks clean anything and everything. Diversified is a full office cleaning contractor and we specialize in cleaning offices.

Our goal is to hit the “Bullseye” every time with our customized cleaning services.

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, coupled with our “faster than A. S. A. P. “ response time to calls, and our regular (could be weekly, semi-weekly, monthly… You choose) dedicated written inspections by our highly trained and motivated Customer Service / Quality Assurance Strategist, we will achieve our goal of Total Customer Satisfaction. In fact we’ll give you a written guarantee to that effect!

Our approach

Many contractors start out with a bang! But, gradually, things begin to slip. It’s like they are no longer concentrating on your account but have begun to focus their attention to other “new” customers or on those accounts where they may be having trouble. It’s an all too familiar scenario. In other words… trying to “grease the squeaky wheel”.

Our approach at Diversified is entirely different. 

We have created a full service office cleaning service where the emphasis is on providing major attention to so called “little things” that many janitorial services seem to forget.

Diversified is a commercial janitorial company serving the Western suburbs of Chicago for over 20 years.