Diversified is a commercial janitorial company serving the Western suburbs of Chicago for over 20 years.

The importance of
commercial carpet cleaning

Clean floors create a pleasant environment for employees, visitors and customers. Dirty, stained and foul-smelling carpet, on the other hand, sends a negative message about your company to both employees and customers.

Dirt, dust, salt and allergens do more damage than what meets the eye. They cause carpet to age before its time. Carpet that is well cared for will last much longer.

Properly maintained carpet not only looks great and lasts longer, it also contributes to a healthier environment by reducing the potential for IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) issues. Clean carpets aren’t just better for people, they are better for the environment as well.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Diversified:

- Deep Carpet Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)
- Carpet Stain Removal
- Carpet Odor Removal
- Chewing Gum Removal
- Carpet Protection (Scotchgard™) 3M
- Carpet Deodorizing
- Water Damage Cleanup
- Carpet Maintenance Programs