Regular and dependable janitorial services are the essential aspects of all the professional buildings. Everybody wants to have a clean, hygienic and inviting space. Look no beyond.

Diversified Office Cleaning Services, Inc. offers you the exact kind of cleanliness that you will require to portray your professional image.

Your customers, tenants and employees deserve only the best when they come to your office. Diversified Office Cleaning Services deliver unrivaled office cleaning, business cleaning and building maintenance service to people who matter the most in your business.

The medical cleaning world is more regulated than other types of facilities we clean. Therefore specific medical and health-care rules and guidelines may need to be documented as part of the entire facility cleaning procedure.

Without proper maintenance, commercial and industrial flooring can become dusty and dry. And those abrasive particles can create scratches and wear patterns that only become worse after everyday heavy use and traffic. This leaves your establishment looking shoddy and much older than it actually is.

With proven processes for any commercial or industrial floor, we promise to provide affordable services that are results driven and highly-focused on detail.

Clean Floors create a pleasant environment for employees, visitors and customers. Dirty, stained and foul-smelling carpet, on the other hands, sends a negative message about your company to both employees and customers.

Dirt, dust, salt and allergens do more damage than what meets the eye. They cause carpet to age before its time. Carpet that is well cared for will last much longer.

Window washing can be quite the challenge when it comes to buildings and larger spaces, but at Diversified Office Cleaning Services, our professionals have the equipment and training necessary to keep your windows looking their best.

Renovations, repairs, and construction can be a stressful time, especially when trying to get construction work done around a building that is still open for business.

For new construction projects, the pressure to meet a closing date can mean less time for minor details, like cleaning. After a project, professional post construction cleaning service can help get your business back in working order.

Top of the line cleaning Tools and Supplies!

Whether it is weekly, monthly or any time re-stock of janitorial supplies, Diversified Office Cleaning Services is the right contact. We distribute the top brands of cleaning tools and supplies.